With support from WesTrac behind you, a Next Generation Cat Excavator will help you increase performance and fuel efficiency, hit production targets and drive down costs.

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Standard Features

Whether you’re looking at the GC or a performance model, technology is standard across the Next Generation Excavator range:

• Touchscreen monitor
• Newly designed seat and console
• Customisable joysticks
• Keyless push start

To support the highest fuel efficiency, the 320-336 Next Gen range provides two power modes:
Power Mode delivers maximum productivity in high-demand applications, and Smart Mode, automatically matches engine speed and hydraulic power to the demand.

336 Family


• Standard model
• Reliable, lost-cost-per-hour performance


• Performance model
• Standard technologies: Cat 2D Grade, Cat Grade with Assist, and Cat Payload

320 Family

Cat 320GC Excavator

• Standard model
• Reliable, lost-cost-per-hour performance

Cat 320 Excavator

• For medium-to-heavy applications
• Fuel efficient
• Full suite of standard productivity technologies

Cat 323 Excavator

• For heavy-duty applications
• Increased power and lift capacity
• Built for speed and efficiency

“We’d be saving anywhere from 4 to 5L per hour in runnings costs”
Click play to hear more on how Chris Robinson from Robinson Earthmoving has improved his operations with their new Cat 323.

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